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First time at the Carasso Science Park

The Carasso Science Park offers children, adults, groups and everyone else, fun, challenging and interactive activities. The park includes dozens of scientific games and exhibits. There are permanent and travelling exhibitions including: Nuclear Energy exhibition complete with small-scale nuclear reactor featuring augmented reality, The World of the Microchip – Innovative microelectronics exhibition and more exhibitions such as Vision and Light, Hearing and Sound, the Code of Life, Communications, Scientific Garden and much more. All of the exhibitions have been designed as games; fully interactive, fun and thought provoking, pushing children’s imaginations in efforts to deepen their love of Science through the use of a unique educational model – Exposure, Enrichment and Exploration.

Short on time?

For visitors that are short on time, we recommend the following route. This is a great way for individuals and families to see the park in under two hours.

For curious researchers and an in-depth experience

For visitors coming the park for the full experience, we offer the option for a visitation of three hours and longer. This route includes the opportunity to enrich ones knowledge by going in-depth and receiving comprehensive information regar…