The Mag ic of the Cosmos

01/07/2013 - 01/04/2015

קסם הקוסמוס








The Magic of the Cosmos exhibition showcases the works of several Israeli artists that respond to and address the structure of the universe in different ways.

The artists’ perspective glides between the miniscule grain of sand as a world in and of itself, to the surface of various planets, and to the awe-inspiring structure of a spiral galaxy.

Through their work, the artists address real and metaphorical-fictional planets and galaxies; basic forms of order and chaos; natural fractal structures and cultural geometric shapes; the wonder of creation and the ‘sublime’ feeling in the cosmic order; and the personal associations and meanings that are elicited when they observe the magic in the cosmos and the feelings that this magic stirs in them, from isolation and insignificance to excitement and exaltation when confronting the cosmic order and the simplicity inside the complexity.

The beauty and complexity of the artists’ works resonates the beauty and complexity of nature, which is expressed anew in their creations. The exhibition itself is a closed system with an internal order and logic, simplicity
and beauty, a sort of constellation comprised of artistic pieces.

  • The artists participating in the exhibition are: Larry Abramson, Boaz Aharonovitch, Gilad Efrat, Nahum Tevet, Mohammad Sa›id Kalash, Yona Levy Grossman, Dorit Feldman, Reuven Kadim.

Professor Haim Maor, Curator of the exhibition