Hi-Tech entrepreneurship – Illustrated messages

01/03/2017 - Active

תמונת תערוכת ציורים מאויירים








This exhibition consists of several illustrated messages, dedicated to the young creative innovator and hi-tech entrepreneur, Innovation is the most valuable resource of the State of Israel, known today all over the world as the

“Start-Up Nation”.

The illustrations and the messages are addressing the nature and the spirit of the creative entrepreneur and his/her educational background, with the intention to express and emphasize these lines of character to the young generation.

The material displayed in this exhibition is in line with the book “From Start-Up to Smart-Up”, written by Eliezer Manor, the CEO of Shirat Enterprises ltd, engaged in hi-tech entrepreneurship and venture capital.

  • The illustrations were prepared by Udi Lichtshein.


exhibit 1-  It starts with a dream מוצג 1

exhibit 2-

Composition of the human being: hardware, software and hardware מוצג 2 

exhibit 3-

Education is what is been left after forgetting everything learned in school  מוצג 3

exhibit 4-

Driven by hope, not by fear  מוצג 4

exhibit 5-

Passion drives dreams  מוצג 5

exhibit 6-

The hi-tech sequence: Imagination à Discovery à Innovation à technology  מוצג 6

exhibit 7-

Innovation, not Immitation  מוצג 7

exhibit 8-

The danger of lack of communication between team members  מוצג 8

exhibit 9-

Sometimes, in science and in technology, the solution comes before the problem: What is it good for?   מוצג 9

exhibit 10-

Success is the ability to manage failures  מוצג 10

exhibit 11-

The big and strong elephant does not break the small fence and escapes from the zoo, because he still remembers the failures he had trying every day as a puppy elephant and does not try anymore.  מוצג 11

exhibit 12-

Learning from Nature by looking around Fata Morgana is a result of physics effect – light travels from point to point choosing the fastest way, not the shortest   מוצג 12

exhibit 13-

Money is an object, not an objective  מוצג 13

exhibit 14-

With no coordination between the partners, the objectives are not achieved  מוצג 14

exhibit 15-

…. But with cooperation, objectives are achieved easily  מוצג 15

exhibit 16-

 The Force Multiplier: “Give where to stand and I will move the world”     מוצג 16