When Science Meets Summer

A fun vacation and a great experience at the Park.

How great is it that the summer is finally here, and with it comes the chance for some quality time with the family!

It's true, it's summer camp season, and it's also true that for the most part parents are still on their regular work routine, but it wouldn't be right to miss out on the summer celebrations…

The months of July and August at the Park embrace the summer atmosphere with lots of attractions, activities and fun days.

In order not to miss out, we have planned your visit in advance according to our summer events

* Please note that all activities on Thursdays come with a discounted entrance ticket - only 30 NIS!

Cool summer activities | 7 days a week

Fireman Sam Activities | Thursday, 3.8.17

Flight and Aviation Activities | Thursday 24.8.17

Cool Summer Activities | 7 days a week


Fireman Sam Activity


Flight and Aviation Activity