3D Workshops

Get to know everything there is to know about 3D printing and learn how to use one.

For the first time at the Carasso Science Park we are offering 3D printing workshops.

Wanna take part? Beginning in November there will be 3D printing and fabrication workshops.

Class 1 – Exposure to the world of 3D Printing

Get to know the freeware available

Class 2 – 3D printing principles.

Familiarity with the free modeling software, printing a personal model.

Session 3 – Tour and instructional visit of Mechanics exhibition at the park.

Development of a personal concept and then planning to actualize the idea.

Session 4 – Continue to plan personal concept with 3D lab Technician, completion of planning and actualization through printing.

Session 5 - Distribution of products, introduction of advanced modeling software and freeware.

And the cost is only ₪480!!

In addition and for a limited time only, participants of the course will get free entry to the Carasso Science Park, and to 400 other science museums around the world.

For more details call 08-6252600