• Nuclear Energy

    Revealing the mystery regarding nuclear energy and radiation by offering a closer glimpse of a variety of processes taking place in a nuclear …

  • The World of Etyatech

    This exhibition is intended for small children, inviting them to get to know the world of science through play and by using their senses. The …

  • Crop Protection

    A unique and intriguing exhibition set up in collaboration with "Adama" (formerly "Makhteshim Agan", which illustrates how useful science and …

  • The world of Microchip

    An exhibition showing the impact of microelectronics on our lives in the information age, digitization and the wonders Israeli high-tech.

  • Energy

    Learn and understand how energy is generated, what the law of conservation of energy is and the means by which energy can be produced.

  • Mechanics & Mechanisms

    This exhibition looks at how humans learned the principles of simple machines, including themselves, and created more advanced mechanisms.

  • Sound and Hearing

    This exhibition deals with the ways sound is produced, received and transmitted.

  • The Code of Life

    An exhibition, which explains the impact of genetics and molecular biology on our lives; by examining topics like: Heredity and genetics, agri…

  • Communication

    A fascinating exhibition covering the impact of various communication channels in our lives: the development of media, methods of transmission…

  • Vision & Light

    An exhibition showing the anatomy of the eye and its connection with the brain, illustrates the response speed and visual stimulation tests re…

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Sunday-Wednesday & Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm, Tursday 9:00am-8:00pm 



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New in the Old City of Be’er Sheva, ‘Carasso Science Park’, the largest science park in Israel, featuring an interactive museum, scientific garden with games and hands-on activities for all ages. The park offers ten interactive exhibitions in various fields of Science including: Genetics, Communication, Microelectronics, Nuclear Energy and more. In all, hundreds of technological and scientific games and exhibits. Spread over 4.25 acres, visitors can enjoy the massive outdoor sculptures and playground, interactive fountain and three gallery exhibits. The park features structures from three time periods – the Ottoman Empire, The British Mandate and a modern underground facility, creating a unique architectural harmony. You’re invited to come to the Gustave Leven Campus in the Old City of Be’er Sheva and take part in a scientific and cultural experience like no other.

The Carasso Science Park | 79 Ha’atzmaut St., Be’er Sheva.